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5 ways you can protect animals from your home


From devastating bushfires earlier this year, to concern over contracting coronavirus, many of us are feeling uncertain about the future of our world, our health and animal welfare.

But one thing is certain: We must continue fighting to protect animals around the world. 

Animals need our help now more than ever so here are five ways you can help protect animals from the safety and comfort of your home.

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1. Call on the government to give animals better protection

The Animal Welfare Act is two decades old. The underlying principles of the Act are good in theory. However, it’s so full of loopholes and exceptions that it fails to give adequate protection to animals – millions of farm animals, especially.

The law needs to be rewritten, with a focus on ensuring all animals have lives worth living. Sign our petition calling on the Government to give animals in farming, sport and entertainment better protection.

2. Donate to end wildlife exploitation, forever.

Wildlife cruelty makes pandemics like coronavirus possible. It’s now more critical than ever that governments, businesses and people come together to end the use of wild animals as entertainment, food, medicine and exotic pets. Now more than ever your vital donation can help stop animal exploitation everywhere.

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3. Make a disaster plan that includes your pets

Disasters can occur at any time, and without a plan you could make panicked decisions that threaten the safety of your pet, yourself and your family.

By making a Disaster Plan for your family pet, you'll be prepared to evacuate fast or stay put with sufficient supplies when a disaster strikes.

Download our free Disaster Pack to prepare a disaster plan for your pet. It is vital to prepare a disaster plan for your pet before a disaster strikes – or risk potentially losing each other forever.

4. Eat more plant-based meals a week

Not only is factory farming one of the most significant contributors to climate change, but it’s also the largest contributor to animal suffering globally.

Luckily, plant-based meat alternatives are becoming more common in supermarkets and restaurants. Commit to eating more plant-based meals a week and only choose high-welfare when eating meat. By consuming fewer low- welfare, animal-based meats, we can free up resources to move to higher- welfare production and improve the lives of billions of farmed animals.

5. Share our animal updates with your loved ones

In this time of #SocialDistancing, we know everyone’s attention has turned to social media for sharing information and light-hearted content. Now is the perfect time to amplify our work and the mission you believe in by promoting the protection of animals on your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

Repost, retweet, and share our posts, but also send out those handy actions we told you about earlier. It’s easier than ever to share information on how to save animals.


What else can you do? 

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Header image credit: Romi Prabowo

Now is the perfect time to amplify our work and the mission you believe in by promoting the protection of animals on your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

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