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Our vision is a world where animals live free from cruelty and suffering
Help end fashion cruelty
Fashion products made from wild animal fur, feathers or skin always involve horrific cruelty.
You can be a protector forever.
By leaving a gift to World Animal Protection in your will, you can give animals a life they deserve. A life worth living.
Give chickens more room to move
Call on Countdown to at least match the chicken welfare standards used by their Australian owners.
Instant pot chili

Three Bean Chili recipe


As any plant-based athlete knows, chickpeas and beans won’t let you down. They taste great and they’ll fill the tank so you can get moving.

Green lentil curry

Green Lentil Dal recipe


Lentils are small, but these mighty legumes are full of health benefits – making them perfect for those who like to live an active life.

Southwestern Style Tofu scramble

"Egg"-Less Salad Sandwich recipe


Tofu is a go-to ingredient for those looking to find the fuel to perform. A complete protein that plays well with a range of flavours and other ingredients, it...