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Mae Kham was taken from the wild and abused for 45 years. Together, we can prevent elephants being used in entertainment, and provide them with a life they deserve.

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Our vision is a world where animal welfare matters and animal cruelty has ended - together we can move the world for animals

Pigs are inquisitive and intelligent animals. But on factory farms, they’re bored and depressed. In frustration, they bite their cage bars. Sign our pledge: tell supermarkets to help raise pigs right

Forced to live in horrific conditions, billions of chickens across the world experience unbearable suffering during their short, miserable lives. Sign our petition urging KFC to help us change this.

1,500 wild animals are being kept captive for entertainment tourism in Bali. Avoid wildlife abusement parks and boycott travel companies and airlines that promote and/or sell them.

19 June 2018
Its become increasingly common for people to be concerned about the environmental impact of their daily coffee, but did you know that animals are suffering too? Civet ‘cats’ are being poached from the wild to supply the demand for the world’s most expensive coffee.