Dog at vaccination drive in Sierra Leone 2017

Previous campaigns

Image credit: World Animal Protection / Michael Duff

Learn about some of the achievements we've made for animals in disasters, wildlife, community animals, and farm animals.

Protecting animals in communities

Dogs play a vital role in communities worldwide – and we moved the world to protect them.

Animals in disasters

For 55 years, we deployed to disaster zones to assist animals – and reminded governments to take responsibility for them too.

Sea Change: tackling ghost fishing gear

Our Sea Change campaign reduced the huge suffering caused by ‘ghost gear’ – abandoned fishing gear that turns oceans into death traps for sea animals.

Freeing bears from captivity

We worked in Romania to free bears that are being kept in captivity – often in tiny, barren, concrete cages – by private owners and zoos.

Ending bear baiting

We worked to stop bears being cruelly exploited in bear baiting – an inhumane bloodsport where bears, unable to defend themselves, battle against trained dogs for entertainment.

Humane slaughter

From 2007 until 2015, our work to promote humane slaughter in Brazil and China helped more than eight billion animals.

Wild dolphins in New Zealand

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