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You can make the world a better place for animals.

A gift in your will, legally known as a bequest or legacy, is a gift you can leave to a charity in your Will. Animals in all corners of the world will benefit from a gift in your Will, now and into the future. Their need has never been greater.

No matter how small or large, a charitable bequest can protect animals for generations to come. And you can still make sure that your loved ones are provided for.

By leaving a gift to World Animal Protection in your Will, you can help us bring practical aid to animals in need and move the world to protect animals by:

  • Influencing the decisions people make that affect animals on a global scale
  • Helping people understand how protecting animals is fundamental to their lives
  • Helping people act in sustainable and practical ways that will benefit animals.


Gifts in Wills guide

You can make a meaningful difference in the lives of wild and farm animals by leaving them a gift in your Will. To make it easy for you, we have created a free guide to help you understand the process.

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Glen Carolyn Read, Bequestor

Glen Carolyn Read is a retired registered obstetric nurse who is passionate about animal welfare, care of the elderly and mental health.

One of her passions is banning live export of livestock and increasing the quality of living conditions for farm animals as well as domestic pets.

She applauds the effort of World Animal Protection to prohibit the dreadful practices of bear baiting and bile extracting, the use of animals such as elephants and monkeys as objects for people’s amusement and all other endeavours in which the society is involved, particularly in countries overseas where perhaps there is a lack of education.

She finds World Animal Protection newsletters, which carry positive stories of rescues to be inspirational and help raise awareness of the public. However, people also need to be exposed to the horrific photos of maltreatment of such animals! Glen feels education is the key, starting at a very young age.

Glen and her dog Ty

Glen with Ty, her dog

Animals did not ask to be born into this cruel money-driven world and as responsible citizens who hopefully do know right from wrong and hopefully realise that the ‘mighty dollar’ is not the key to happiness, we have an obligation to protect this wonderful planet and its many incredible creatures!

Glen Carolyn Read, Bequestor

Why consider us in your will

All across the globe, our supporters have protected millions of animals and helped people understand the importance of animal protection.

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You don’t have to include a gift to World Animal Protection, but we hope you will consider it, after providing for your loved ones. Every animal deserves to live a life worth living.

How to include us in your will

If you've decided to support the work of World Animal Protection with a gift in your will, thank you. Animals in need across the world will benefit from your lasting legacy.


World Animal Protection respects your privacy and assures you that we fully comply with the Data Protection Act 1998.

We will under no circumstances share your legacy information with any other organisations and all correspondence will be dealt with in strictest confidence.

Your support is vital to the work we do, and we truly thank you for considering leaving a gift in your Will to give animals around the world a life worth living.