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Activities for kids

Looking for something fun to do for the kids?

We've got animal activities and wild facts for you. Explore the the animals listed below to find free kids activities. They include animal facts, mazes, origami, word searches, colouring sheets and more. 

Whether at home or at school, these activity books are a fantastic way to teach children about animals while having fun.

Download any of these animal-themed activity books for free.

Before giving this activity book to children, please review the content to ensure it is age appropriate.


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Bear kids activities
Koala activities
Chicken activities
Dolphin activities
Elephant activities
Tiger activities
Sloth activities

Download our fun animal masks

Print and assemble your own tiger or lion paper mask. You’ll require no experience, no shipping and no waiting around to get started with our printable mask pattern!

Click on the images below to download your own animal mask:

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Virtual tour of an elephant sanctuary

Let the elephants lead you on a virtual tour of Following Giants - an elephant-friendly venue in Koh Lanta.

Wild dolphins in New Zealand

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