Bear at Libearty bear sanctuary, Romania

Write your will online

Image credit: World Animal Protection / Tom Svensson

Start your will

  • Click the link to visit Safewill online wills and follow the step-by step instructions.
  • Expert support and guidance as well as legal advice is available through the process.
  • Once you’ve finished, you simply download your will and follow the process to have it signed and witnessed. We pay Safewill a fixed annual fee to off this service to our supporters at a discounted price.
  • Anyone over 18 can use this straightforward and convenient service.
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Write your will online

We've teamed up with Safewill Online Wills to make it easy for you to create your own from the comfort of your own home. When you begin the process, you will receive support and direction, as well as legal counsel, to help you complete your online will.

Why consider us in your will

All across the globe, our supporters have protected millions of animals and helped people understand the importance of animal protection.

How to include us in your will

If you've decided to support the work of World Animal Protection with a gift in your will, thank you. Animals in need across the world will benefit from your lasting legacy.

Your 1% can make a lifetime of difference

A simple way for you to leave a meaningful gift in your will to the charity or charities you care about. After you have looked after your loved ones, consider leaving a 1% gift.