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Will you leave the world a better place for animals with a 1% gift in your will?

Your 1% can make a lifetime of difference

A simple way for you to leave a meaningful gift in your will to the charity or charities you care about. After you have looked after your loved ones, consider leaving a 1% gift.

Suggested wording for your will

Simply state "I leave 1% or the Residual of my Estate to..."

Why are we saying 1%?

Just 1% of your estate could make a real difference for animals, and it means you can still take care of your loved ones and know they will be looked after.

If you have any further questions or would like a copy of our Gifts in Wills guide, please fill in the form or contact:

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Can I leave more than 1%?

Yes, you can leave whatever percentage you like. The more you leave, the greater your impact for animals.

Will 1% make a difference?

Yes. Just 1% of an entire estate adds up and has an amazing impact.

Can I update or change my percentage?

Sure, anytime you want to you can change the gifts in your will.

What do I need to do to include World Animal Protection in my will?

You can find a guide to suggested wording for your will here.

Do I need to tell you I have left a bequest for 1%?

It’s is up to you. We would love you to let us know so that we can personally thank you. However, we do respect your privacy so that decision is up to you.

How can I do a simple will?

We can offer you assistance with that through Safewill Online Wills.

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You don’t have to include a gift to World Animal Protection, but we hope you will consider it, after providing for your loved ones. Every animal deserves to live a life worth living.

How to include us in your will

If you've decided to support the work of World Animal Protection with a gift in your will, thank you. Animals in need across the world will benefit from your lasting legacy.