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How You Can Help Protect the Live Export Ban in New Zealand


Animals in Aotearoa deserve better, and we need to show the Government that we expect better. Here are ways you can help protect the ban on the barbaric live export trade.

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For more than a decade, passionate animal lovers and animal groups including World Animal Protection have been lobbying governments in Aotearoa New Zealand and around the world to end the immoral live export trade.

In April 2023, Aotearoa New Zealand took a giant step forward by becoming the first country to ban the cruel live export of animals by sea. This resulted in safeguarding thousands of animals from suffering unnecessarily in unbearable conditions on long, arduous journeys by sea.

However, the fight is not yet over. The Government now plans to restart this shameful trade, throwing away years of progress and potentially harming Aotearoa’s international reputation for animal welfare. It would be the first time that Aotearoa New Zealand's law was changed to reduce rather than improve animal welfare.


Here are ways you can help protect the live export ban


Spread the word:

You can spread the word by downloading and printing these posters and taking them with you to peaceful protests in your area or displaying them in a shop window.

Download posters


Live export ban posters


Attend peaceful demonstrations 

There are many peaceful protests or demonstrations being organised to raise awareness about the repeal of the live export ban. Follow us on social media and we’ll share all the events we know about.

Share on social media

You can also raise your voice for animals by posting about the ban on social media or sharing posts from groups like World Animal Protection on your social channel of choice.


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If the ban is reversed, our animals may once again be exposed to the cruelty of long sea journeys and poor regulations in destination countries, as well as potential injury, illness, and sometimes even death on these harrowing voyages.

Together, we can protect the live export ban.

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