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Fran Kearey

World Animal Protection, Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand

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For more than 70 years, World Animal Protection has been moving the world to protect animals.

Our vision is a world where animals live free from cruelty and suffering.

Across 12 country offices, we work in more than 50 countries, to help governments, companies and people care for animals in need.

World Animal Protection has consultative status at the United Nations and Council of Europe.

The media and communications team is here to respond to all media enquiries and can arrange comment and interviews with our campaign and policy experts, related to all animal protection issues including:

  • Animals in farming – including animal welfare on farms for pigs and meat chickens, live exports, our resources for government official.
  • Animals in the wild – including our Wildlife used in entertainment, as exotic pets and for traditional medicine.

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At World Animal Protection we move the world to protect animals because we know that the life of every animal counts.

What we do

Working around the world to end the needless suffering of animals by inspiring people to change animals’ lives for the better.

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Your support is key to bringing an end to animal suffering across the world and here in Aotearoa New Zealand

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