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By becoming wildlife friendly fashionable you are part of a global movement of people showing you care about wild animals.

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Leading luxury fashion brands such as Chanel, Victoria Beckham, Mulberry, Karl Lagerfeld, Vivienne Westwood and Tommy Hilfiger are committing to, or shifting to more humane and sustainable alternatives. Just last week Gucci, Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta announced they would stop using animal fur by this time next year.

Even French luxury fashion brand, Hermès is invested in technology to produce an alternative made from mushroom-based “leather”. This alternative reportedly has the strength and durability of cow skin, is sustainable and does not involve animal exploitation.

Despite this, Hermès and Louis Vuitton (LVMH) own most of Australia's Northern Territory crocodile farms. Learn more about crocodiles. 

All animals deserve protection from cruelty and exploitation. Crocodiles, mink and snakes deserves a life worth living. One with the freedom to express themselves naturally without fear or distress. 

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Together, we’re fashioning a kinder future for wild animals.

The more people who join us, the more we can achieve. 

We know that change is possible, because we’ve made it happen time and again. By sharing campaigns, signing petitions and ramping up the pressure on decision makers, we can move the world for animals. 

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Crocodile used for fashion

Stop crocodile slaughter

Call on the Minister for Environment and Water, The Hon Tanya Plibersek MP, to do the right thing for Australian crocodile welfare.

Staff at a layer hens protest, Sydney, Australia

Take action

Take action today by signing our petitions and pledging to protect wildlife and farm animals.

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Donate to protect animals

All animals deserve to be protected from suffering and exploitation, regardless of whether they are cute, cuddly or even “scary”.

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