Wild dolphins in New Zealand

Thank you for helping to end dolphin suffering

Image caption: Adrien Aletti

You are part of a global community of people ending the misery of captivity for dolphins.

Iconic wildlife like dolphins but also orangutans, bears and many more are sadly being exploited every day for distressing performances to entertain tourists and visitors.

The demand from tourists is causing wild animals to be sentenced to a life of dismal captivity. While tourists remain unaware of the abuse going on behind the scenes, you are helping shine a light on their suffering. Thank you!

The good news is the tide is turning against keeping dolphins in captivity for entertainment.

In 2021, supporters like you moved the NSW Government to ban dolphin breeding and the importation of dolphins into the state.

And major travel brands including TripAdvisor and Booking.com have already committed to stop selling tickets to dolphin shows and encounters.  

But Queensland continues to allow dolphins in captivity to be breed in the state. This means a dolphin born in captivity today, could still be alive in 2070.

With you by our side, we won’t stop defending dolphins until the last tank is empty. Will you do one more thing to help captive dolphins and other wildlife around the world? Please give generously today!

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Together we need to make this last generation of dolphins in captivity. 


Can you do one more thing for wild animals?

Please help us get the message out to make more people aware of the cruelty suffered by wild animals used in entertainment.

By spreading the word, we can encourage others to make animal friendly choices on holiday and reduce demand for animal entertainment to stop the abuse and protect these animals.

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Dolphin in captivity at Zoomarine, Portugal

Donate to protect dolphins

Dolphins are intelligent and sociable wild animals. They belong in the ocean, not bred in captivity for entertainment.

Dolphins in the wild

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Did you know that some dolphins can swim up to speeds of 50kph and regularly dive to depths of up to 55 metres?

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