Koala in the wild, Magnetic Island, Queensland

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Image thanks to @NOMADasaurus

As the only state with wild koala populations to offer koala cuddling, it’s crucial that Queensland puts an end to this outdated practice of using koalas as selfie props.

Most visitors who take photos and selfies with wild animals like koala's, orangutans, tigers or sloths are usually animal lovers who just want to see them up-close but they have no clue about the cruelty that goes on behind the scenes. 

Can you do one more thing for wild animals caught in the tourism industry? 

Take a stand for wild animals around the globe by urging these global travel giants to stop promoting and profiting from wildlife crueltyWith your help, we can stop them from profiting from the pain and misery of wild animals.

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We’ll keep you updated on this issue and how your support is helping captive koalas in Queensland.


The more people who join us, the more we can achieve. 

We know that change is possible, because we’ve made it happen time and again. By sharing campaigns, signing petitions and ramping up the pressure on decision makers, we can move the world for animals. 

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