Female pigs (sows) in group housing

Where do the political parties stand on animal welfare in Aotearoa-New Zealand


You have the power to vote for a party that is dedicated to giving the millions of animals in Aotearoa a life worth living.

Any political party has the power to achieve positive change for animals, but do they have the political will to do so? Are animals even on their policy agenda?

Animal Agenda Aotearoa

We have worked with Animal Agenda Aotearoa to ask the major political parties where they stand on critical issues facing our animals here in New Zealand.

Animal Agenda Aotearoa is independent and only delivers the straight facts so you can be informed about where your party stands on animal issues.

Whatever the outcome of this election, the next Government must make animal welfare a priority.

Please vote. Our animals need you!


Vote how you want, when you want

02 September:            Overseas voting starts

05 September:            Advance voting starts

19 September:            Election Day

Please vote. Our animals need you!

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