Elephants Gee Chreng and Ning Wan at Elephant Valley Project.

Share your voice for animals


We are always looking for people to share their experiences, by speaking with the media to help us raise awareness of how we can protect wild and farmed animals.

Top image: Elephant Valley Project

The media are often after real-life stories, and our supporters can help by offering to speak to journalists and be a voice for animals.

Have you ridden an elephant, swum with a dolphin, or petted a tiger, and now you want to educate others to avoid these practices? Or maybe you’re reducing your meat consumption to help farm animals and you want to share your tips?

Can you help us with these stories?

Here are some of the stories we’re currently looking for:

Have you switched to a meat-free diet and you’re finding it cheaper than a meat-eater lifestyle?

Many people think cutting out meat will lead to a bigger grocery bill, so we’re looking for people to help us educate the public on why reducing your meat intake will actually save you money.

Or, have you petted or walked lion cubs at a tourism venue in South Africa?

We’re looking for people who’ve taken part in this activity to help us raise awareness of the cruelty that happens to these lions once they are no longer cubs.

If you relate to either of these, email us or message us through our Facebook and we'll get in touch. 

How your story makes an impact

Recently we organised for one of our supporters to speak with a journalist about her experience visiting Thailand and riding an elephant, which she now deeply regrets. It is because of her powerful words that we were able to secure 152 pieces of coverage, reaching over 150,000 people!

We are so thankful for her support, and it shows just how much your story can make an impact. If you’d like to keep up to date with these opportunities and none of the above are relevant to you, you can sign up to volunteer with us here.

Your voice can make a difference

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