Live export cattle in New Zealand

More than 30,000 signatures to protect the live export ban


Thank you for keeping the pressure on the Government to protect animals in Aotearoa from the barbaric live export trade. You’re helping show decision-makers that we expect better.

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The new petition to parliament opposing the repeal of the ban was launched by Dr John Hellstrom, a retired veterinarian and former Chief Veterinary Officer of the Ministry for Primary Industries who has been closely involved with live exports as a regulator and overseer.

Animal lovers and groups including World Animal Protection have been lobbying governments in Aotearoa New Zealand and around the world to end the barbaric live export trade for over a decade now.

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As a result, our country became the first to ban the cruel live export of animals by sea in April last year, setting a shining example for the rest of the world. This ban safeguards thousands of animals from suffering on long, gruelling sea voyages.

Unfortunately, the newly elected Government plans to restart this shameful trade which means the fight is not yet over. But thanks to your support, the parliament petition to ‘Protect the Ban’ on this immoral trade has reached over 31,118 signatures and the numbers continue to grow.

Together, we can protect the live export ban.

Live export cattle in New Zealand

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