Baby the peccary

You're helping Baby the peccary recover from the wildfires in Brazil!


Your support is making a wonderful difference in Baby’s life. After you helped rescue her from the devastating Brazil wildfires along with our partners on the ground, the tiny peccary has been recovering well and is growing big and strong.

Image credit: Noelly Castro / World Animal Protection

Baby, a white-lipped peccary, who was severely impacted by the wildfires in Brazil in 2022 is now doing well and has grown a lot since you last saw her.

Thanks to you and our partners on the ground, new enrichment techniques such as mirrors have been added to the sweet peccary’s enclosure. Mirrors can be used as social or sensory environmental enrichments for animals like Baby and help improve their well-being.

As Baby continues growing healthy and strong, options are being assessed to move Baby to a more suitable place for her development.

Baby the peccary. Credit: Wild animals care / UFMT SINOP

Image credit: Baby has grown a lot. Wild animals care / UFMT SINOP

Baby’s story

Baby was found scared and alone by the side of the road after the fires ravaged her home in the latter half of 2022. She lost her mum while trying to escape the flames and suffered cuts and bruises.

But thanks to you and our partners at Instituto Ecótono, Baby was rescued and began receiving care at the Veterinary Hospital of the Federal University of Mato Grosso (UFMT) with the other animals who were orphaned by the fires.

Baby, a rescued peccary at the Ecótono Institute in Brazil, is bottle-fed.

Image credit: Noelly Castro / World Animal Protection

Baby is almost at the stage of weaning, but the process has not started yet because she will be moved to another enclosure soon. It has been decided she will start the process of weaning after the change of enclosure.

With you by their side, more animals like Baby can be rescued and rehabilitated and have a second chance at life.

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