Tania the bomb searcher dog.

5 tips to protect your pet during the festive season


The holiday season is upon us, which means special events and gatherings. It also means hot summer weather and new potential risks for pets.

Whether you’re at home or travelling, make sure to keep your pets’ welfare top of mind to avoid excess stress or injuries. Here are five things to consider:

  1. With the fire season here, always have a disaster plan and include your pet. Don't wait until it's too late. Find our handy tips here.
  2. Protect your pet from the summer heat. With their thick fur, many animals feel the heat too. So remember, when it's too hot for you, it's also too hot for them.
  3. Secure holiday decorations and keep them out of your pet's reach. Especially electrical cords, festive lighting or candles.
  4. Provide your pet with a quiet place where they can go if they get stressed during holiday festivities which may include loud revelry and/or off-key singing!
  5. Have an emergency supply of food for your pet. Summer storms can cause power outages or even the need to evacuate. So be prepared.
Rescue cat at home in Kenya.

If you’re looking for other ways that you can help animals, you can make a donation here.

Happy holidays to you, your loved ones AND your pet!

Thank you again for moving the world to protect animals. 

Happy holidays to you, your loved ones AND your pet!