Prepare for your pet in a disaster or potentially lose each other forever

Our free disaster packs provide practical advice to plan for dogs, cats, small animals (rats, mice and guinea pigs), rabbits, fish, birds, horses and Assistance/Guide Dogs, in a disaster.

By making a Disaster Plan for your family pet it will stop delays or panicked wrong decisions being made that could end up putting your precious lives (and others) at risk.

With a plan you will instead be prepared to evacuate fast or stay put with sufficient supplies when a disaster strikes.

Save precious time and precious lives in a disaster. Make a plan today. 

In New Zealand, we love our pets

Graph showing the numbers for pets in New Zealand, mentioned in text below

68% of Kiwi households own at least one pet which is a higher percentage than any other comparable country in the world!*

New Zealand is a nation of animal lovers, with the New Zealand companion pet population sitting at approximately 5 million compared to a mere 4.4 million for humans!*

And 99% of pet owners associate their pets as being a member of their family**
(Glassey, 2010).

*(NZ Companion Animal Council Report 2011)

**(Glassey, 2010)

Christchurch Earthquake Feb 2011

The Christchurch Earthquake in Feb 2011 was deadly for both people and pets. It also struck without warning.

Wellington SPCA Chief Inspector – Ritchie Dawson – who has supported World Animal Protection’s Disaster Assessment Response Teams, describes what it was like on the ground in the aftermath of this Christchurch Earthquake (Feb 2011).

Ritchie explains how volunteers put their lives on the line to save peoples’ pets and why making a plan now, for your pet animal, is critical to ensure these important members of your family are not lost forever.

Protect your pet in a disaster

Do you have a plan to protect your pet when disaster strikes?

Disasters can happen without warning in New Zealand. The Christchurch Earthquake (Feb 2011) proves they can also be deadly.

These disasters can strike at any time and without a plan you could make panicked decisions that could put your pet, yourself and family at risk.

Prepare a disaster plan for your pet or be prepared to potentially lose each other forever

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