Elephants in a river, Sri Lanka

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By signing the pledge, you have committed to help end the suffering and abuse of elephants in the tourism industry.

Together we can educate tourists and move the tourism industry to reduce the demand for cruel wildlife experiences. We can build a better world for animals, humans and the planet.

Can you do one more thing to help protect elephants around the world? Please give generously to help give elephants better lives.

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The more people who join us, the more we can achieve. 

We know that change is possible, because we’ve made it happen time and again. By sharing campaigns, signing petitions and ramping up the pressure on decision makers, we can move the world for animals. 

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Elephant riding with a bullhook at Bali Zoo

Donate to protect elephants

You can help give elephants the chance to live out their lives in a calm, peaceful environment.

Elephant riding with a bullhook at Mason Elephant Park, Bali

End elephant suffering

Call on Mason Elephant Park and Lodge to end the captive breeding of elephants and the cruel interactions for tourist entertainment.

Staff at a layer hens protest, Sydney, Australia

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Take action today by signing our petitions and pledging to protect wildlife and farm animals.

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