Cruelty is out of fashion

When it comes to protecting wild animals, there are only two sides…

Some people believe animals' lives are worthless. And some believe they're worth fighting for.

Some people hurt, exploit and abuse animals. And some campaign, stand up and fight for them.

Some people believe animals belong in cages. And some believe they belong in the wild.

Wildlife cruelty has no place in fashion. It’s cruel to subject wild animals to a lifetime of suffering before a brutal death. All for their skin or fur to be turned into non-essential fashion handbags, coats and belts.

Wild animals cannot thrive in cramped and cruel captive conditions. Mink, crocodiles, snakes and millions of other wild animals continue to suffer.

Can you help fashion a kinder world for wild animals? 

All animals – whether they be mink or crocodiles – deserve lives worth living. You have the power to choose “compassionate fashion” over cruelty.