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Make sure you don’t harm animals on holiday

If disaster were to strike today, would you have a plan to save yourself and your pet ?

Learn more about the secret suffering of billions of meat chickens around the world.

The demand for wildlife holiday experiences is driving the cruel animal entertainment industry. Pledge to stop the abuse suffered by elephants used for entertainment.

What does your dog need to be happy and healthy? Download our checklist to make sure you’re meeting their needs.

Pigs are inquisitive and intelligent animals. But on factory farms, they’re bored and depressed. In frustration, they bite their cage bars. Sign our pledge: tell supermarkets to help raise pigs right

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Throughout our history, our supporters have campaigned to make life better for animals – persuading governments, international bodies, companies, communities and individuals to get serious about protecting animals. Thanks to our supporters, we’ve made life better for billions of animals. We’ve stopped animal cruelty around the world. And we continue to speak up and speak out every day – with support from people like you, who know that change is always possible. 

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