Supporter FAQs

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions.

If you can't find the answer you are looking for, please contact our Supporter Care team:

You can also write to us at:

World Animal Protection
Private Bag 93220,
Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand


About us

As a global animal welfare organisation we work both locally and around the world to end animal suffering.

We lobby governments to create sustainable change for animals. World Animal Protection is not affiliated or aligned to any particular political party or government.

We protect the world’s animals. We always have done, and we always will. But every day, in every country, millions of animals are suffering. And the more people who know about us, the more animals we can reach.

That’s why we need our name to evolve. That’s why we need a name that is clearer, more distinct and more memorable. That’s why we are now World Animal Protection. Read more here.

When enough people like you, who care about animals and are willing to stand up for what’s right, come together, a better world for animals isn’t just possible – it's within reach. Animal Protectors’ regular gifts (monthly donations) fund vital research, help to expose cruelty, and confront those with the power to stop it.

Find out more about the movement dedicated to improving the lives of animals everywhere, forever.



World Animal Protection is a global charity - we use the collective power of our worldwide offices to deliver long-term solutions to end animal cruelty in more than 50 countries; both in New Zealand and overseas. In New Zealand, donee status is granted to charities that are either based in New Zealand and predominately use their funds for local purposes, or are a humanitarian group. We are certainly a registered charity, but our on-going dedication to global animal welfare issues (of which New Zealand is a part) means we have not been granted donee status in New Zealand by the IRD, and unfortunately donations cannot be claimed at this time.

Small gifts over the long term make a big impact for the lives of animals. They provide security to deliver programs that move the world to protect animals. Monthly supporters give predictable funding that enables planning where it makes the biggest impact for animals. Find out more.

Yes, you can change your donation amount by contacting our Supporter Care Team.

Yes, we can put your donations on a temporary skip donations for up to 3 months. Please contact our Supporter Care Team to pause your donation.

If you would like to cancel your donation, please contact our Supporter Care Team. Did you know you can also lower your donation amount or place your donation on a temporary hold? Talk to the team about an option that works best for you.

Please note that cancellations may take up to 7 days to action, and that further debit(s) may be incurred during this period.

If you have just signed up with a fundraiser on the street or in a shopping centre, your details may still be being processed by our fundraising agency. Please contact our Supporter Care Team to cancel your donation.

As PayPal is a user-controlled system, all amendments to your donation can only be processed by the PayPal account holder. World Animal Protection cannot make any cancellations or changes to PayPal gifts. Please access your PayPal account to process any changes.

  • By phone: to make a credit card donation by phone, please call 0800 500 9772 (11am to 7pm, Mon-Fri)
  • By mail: download our donation form and send with your credit card details to World Animal Protection, Private Bag 93220, Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand

Yes, you can. You’ll need to include your name or supporter number in the description, then contact us with your name, address and donation amount so we can identify and receipt your gift.

If you’d like to give in this way, you can send your gift to the following account:

Account Name: World Animal Protection
BSB: 02-0100
ACC: 0954485-00
Swift Code: BKNZNZ22

The CSC is a 3 or 4 digit number that is not part of the credit card number. It's an additional security code that indicates the card is in your possession.

The number is usually printed on the back of Visa and MasterCard, or on the front of American Express.

If you would like to cancel your donation, please contact our Supporter Care Team. Did you know you can also lower your donation amount or place your donation on a temporary hold? Talk to the team about an option that works best for you.


Updating my details

Get in touch with our Supporter Care team and let us know your name, previous address and new address.

If you have a new credit card number or if you just need to update the expiry date on your card, please call us and we’ll update your payment details.

Get in touch with our Supporter Care team and they will remove you from our mailing list.

We undertake direct marketing activities to find new donors to help support our work. You might have recently completed an online survey or signed a petition or pledge, expressing interest in the work we do. If you’d like to stop receiving marketing from us, please contact our Supporter Care team.

We’re sorry that you’re not happy with the service you’ve received. Supporter satisfaction is very important to World Animal Protection. Effectively managing complaints is a key component of building and managing trust with supporters, who’s dedication makes our work possible.

To make a complaint please contact us on or call our dedicated Supporter Care team on 0800 500 9772.