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Image credit: Valerie Kuypers / World Animal Protection

Regular gifts are the most impactful way to achieve long-term, lasting change for the lives of animals everywhere, forever.

Regular gifts are critical to World Animal Protection’s work taking place across the globe.

Right now, Animal Protectors are helping to improve the lives of millions of animals. Their regular support is helping to demand an overhaul of the global food system and end the cruel exploitation of our planet’s wildlife.

Becoming an Animal Protector is the most powerful way to help create a world where every animal has a life worth living – free from cruelty and suffering.

Your impact will be stronger when you join a movement alongside other Animal Protectors who are fighting on a global scale.

Imagine a world where animals are free from suffering

Pigs on a farm

Ensure farmed animals live good lives by transforming the global food system.

Impact = 80 billion farm animals

  • $29 each month could support partnerships with industry to help give pigs more room to move.
  • $39 each month could create lobby packs to build a movement of people taking action to protect animals.
  • $49 each month could influence food companies like KFC to improve chickens’ lives.

Elephant sanctuary

Stop wild animals from being cruelly exploited as commodities by changing systems that allow it.

Impact = 500,000 wild animals held in captivity

  • $29 each month could fund advertising to publicly expose captive dolphin cruelty.
  • $39 each month could lobby tour operators to stop selling tickets to elephant shows.
  • $49 each month could cover the costs of transporting one bear across Pakistan to the rescue sanctuary.

Why are regular gifts so powerful?

Monthly gifts fund animal welfare projects around the world.

Everything starts with people

By becoming an Animal Protector your voice will join other animal lovers in demanding a life worth living for every animal. Animal Protectors globally fuel the fire that delivers change for animals by overhauling the existing cruel systems that exploit animals.

Regular gifts make planning possible

World Animal Protection has a plan to fix the broken systems that allow and encourage animal suffering to happen – but our work must be constant and long-term.  Monthly supporters provide predictable funding that enables planning where it makes the biggest impact for animals.

Small, but often is the key to lasting change

Small gifts over the long-term make a big impact for the lives of animals. They provide security to deliver on vital programs that move the world to protect animals. Continuous campaigning is essential to move lawmakers or corporates with the power to make long-lasting and large scale change.

Systemic change requires an unrelenting demand for action

Inspiring people to change animals’ lives for the better and influencing decision-makers to improve the lives of billions of animals takes time. Realising a better future through lobbying, campaigns, and education relies on long-term funding from regular gifts.


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