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You’ve helped millions of animals in 2022


Thank you! You’ve worked tirelessly to end the cruelty experienced by wild animals in the global wildlife trade, protected animals after disasters and improved the lives of farm animals.

Here’s just some of the wonderful work you’ve helped make possible this year: 

  • You moved the New Zealand Government commit to ban on live cattle exports by sea.
  • You inspired HelloFresh to sign the Better Chicken Commitment in Aotearoa New Zealand.
  • You inspired more Dutch companies to stop selling kangaroo skin products. 
  • You moved more Kiwis to join the Plant Protein Challenge to reduce the amount of meat they eat.
  • You rescued, rehabilitated and releases wild animals orphaned by wild fires in Brazil. 

And much more! 

On behalf of animals everywhere, thank you! None of these achievements would have been possible without you! 

Every step you take helps create a world where animals live without cruelty. Together, we’ve achieved so much for animals and we can do even more in 2023.

With your incredible support, we were able help millions of vulnerable animals around the world.

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