Little Blue Penguin in New Zealand

You’re helping to protect a Little Blue Penguin colony


Thanks to supporters like you, Little Blue Penguins/kororā will have a louder voice in the fight to protect their precious habitat from a proposed marina development.

World Animal Protection has joined forces with Save Kennedy Point (SKP), Waiheke mana whenua representatives the Ngāti Paoa Trust Board, Helping You Help Animals (HUHANZ) and Earth Race – to help stop construction that will see the destruction of a Little Blue Penguin colony. 

SKP has been fighting a proposed marina on Waiheke Island for the past four years to stop Kennedy Point Boatharbour Limited (KPBL) from developing the site. 

The Little Blue Penguin is native to Aotearoa. It is also listed as an ‘at-risk’ and ‘in-decline’ taonga species. They are well known to have made Kennedy Point Bay, Waiheke Island, its habitat and home.  

Sadly, Kennedy Point is also where KPBL wants to construct a giant 186-berth marina and floating car park, approximately the size of nine Eden Park stadiums! 

There are concerned that the Department of Conservation (DOC) has told KPBL they don’t need a wildlife permit, despite Little Blue Penguin’s being a protected species under the Wildlife Act.   
Sebastian Cassie SKP Chief Executive said: 

“The developer was about to commence construction despite the marina resource consent currently being under appeal before the Supreme Court, New Zealand’s highest court; and without having a proper penguin monitoring and protection plan or authorisation(s) under the Wildlife Act in place to ensure the protection of this native at-risk species. Because of this, SKP had no choice but to bring on urgent proceedings to protect the penguin, who call Kennedy Point Bay home.”  

As concerns grew for the welfare of the Little Blue Penguins and their burrows and nests, the local bird rescue centre and its community joined together to protect the Little Blue Penguins.  

Their plea went even wider as protestors used their networks to call on other animal welfare and environmental groups to join in the fight. This is where you came in. Your ongoing support has made it possible for World Animal Protection to help these tiny penguins. 

“It is utterly unacceptable that Auckland Council has approved a construction management plan without there being a proper plan or authorisation(s) in place to protect the penguins. Once again it is left to community and charity-led groups to ensure the protection of our environment and taonga species,” Cassie said.  

Also of concern is the lack of mana whenua engagement and consultation throughout the marina consent process and penguin monitoring plan.  

Danella Roebeck, Co-Chair of the Ngāti Paoa Trust Board said: 

“This urgent action could have been avoided if the developer had consulted properly with the Trust Board. If the developer had, they would have known that Ngāti Paoa have recently put a rāhui over the Moana surrounding Waiheke which was broken by the developer commencing work. Under mātauranga Maori the rāhui was reinstated by the kāumatua and kuia of the Ngāti Paoa Trust Board. The rāhui also covers the habitat of the kororā.  

“By failing to consult with the Ngāti Paoa Trust Board the developer is in breach of the rāhui placed by the kāumatua and kuia of Ngāti Paoa. The Trust Board will not sit back and allow Paoa’s mana to be trampled on for the wellbeing of our taonga species, including the Kororā, which are under threat by this marina development.” 

Protecting our native taonga species must come before any commercial development. 

Thank you for helping to protect the vulnerable animals around the world and right here in Aotearoa. 

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