KFC event in New Zealand

Animal lovers across the Asia Pacific demand change for KFC chickens


Advocates for animals took to the streets outside popular KFC stores in Auckland and across the globe to demand better lives for KFC chickens.

As part of our Global Week of Action calling on KFC in New Zealand and around the world to give chickens better lives, we invited animal lovers to join us outside popular KFC stores to help chickens #BustAMove.

Rochelle Flood, Campaign Manager (Farming), said:

Our Flash Gob took to the streets of Sydney and Auckland to shine a light on the unimaginable cruelty chickens endure, making them one of the most inhumanely treated animals on our planet. By offering chickens more space to move and by using breeds that grow at a slower and healthier rate, KFC would significantly enhance their overall welfare.

Here’s a glimpse of our actions demanding change for KFC chickens:

New Zealand

Despite cold and rainy weather conditions, Kiwis joined in on the action as they flocked outside a popular KFC store in Auckland on the 1st of July and called on the fast-food company to give their chickens room to ‘Bust a Move’ along with our ‘Flash Gob’.

The action was met with a successful response as bystanders gathered to learn more about the issue.

New Zealand KFC protest


Sydneysiders flocked outside a prominent KFC store in the city’s CBD on the 29th of June to demand they sign the Better Chicken Commitment and give chickens lives worth living.

KFC action in Sydney, Australia

This first-ever ‘Flash Gob’ saw a flock of dancers dressed as KFC chickens performing to the tune of ‘Bust a Move’ at the entrance of the store. Leaflets were also distributed to a huge number of bystanders who were concerned about the issue.


Thailand KFC event

Our team in Thailand participated in the Global Week of Action by visiting KFC’s head office in Bangkok with signatures from more than 40,000 local Thai supporters demanding the fast-food company sign the Better Chicken Commitment.


Our team in Indonesia along with passionate supporters from the Ayam Sejahtera Indonesia Coalition visited popular KFC outlets in seven cities across Indonesia including Banda Aceh, Bekasi, Jakarta, Solo, Balikpapan, Samarinda, and Bali on the 27th of June urging the fast-food chain to give chickens healthy and safe lives, free from any cruelty. They also handed out letters of suggestions from various animal advocates and origami chickens at the outlets.

Indonesia KFC event

The KFC Global Week of Action, which included a digital day of action, origami handouts and flocking outside KFC stores, united animal lovers from different parts of the world to draw attention to the distressing impact of KFC's supply chain on chickens, including poor welfare conditions, fast growth genetics, and overcrowded sheds.

It’s time for KFC in New Zealand to sign onto the Better Chicken Commitment and give their chickens room to ‘Bust a Move’. Together, we can help give KFC chickens lives worth living.

Chicken on New Zealand farm

Give KFC chickens better lives

Call on KFC to sign the Better Chicken Commitment and put a stop to the cruelty these creatures experience.

Broiler chicken

Donate to protect chickens

In industrial farming, a chick may go her entire life without seeing sunlight. Together, we can give chickens lives worth living.

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