Thongsuk at the Following Giants venue.

Two rescued elephants become best friends


The team at Following Giants just welcomed Thongsuk to the herd, and older female Jahn was overjoyed to make a new friend after recently losing her bestie Sow.

Thongsuk was exploited in the tourism industry for many years, forced to carry heavy tourists on her back. Sadly, things got even worse when Covid-19 hit. With no tourists around, Thongsuk’s owner sent her to work on a plantation. That meant months of backbreaking labour for poor Thongsuk.

A difficult time for Jahn

Meanwhile, at Following Giants – one of the venues supporters like you have helped to transition to an elephant-friendly model – older elephant Jahn was missing her best friend.

Jahn and Sow were inseparable after being rescued and brought to Following Giants. Jahn was anxious around people and male elephants after being exploited for breeding. And Sow had a warm and maternal nature. They became fast friends.

Sadly, 61-year-old Sow recently passed away from old age. The team at Following Giants was very worried about how Jahn would cope – especially as they often heard her making noises that suggested she was looking for her lost friend.

A new beginning 

Thankfully, your support meant World Animal Protection was able to give Following Giants emergency Covid-19 funding to help see them through these difficult times until tourism returns to Thailand. 

It meant that when Sow passed away, Following Giants could afford to take in Thongsuk to be a companion for Jahn.

Thongsuk is a calm elephant and a perfect friend for Jahn. The pair hit it off right away and are happily enjoying each other’s company.

Jahn (left) and Thongsuk (right) get to know each other

Jahn (left) and Thongsuk (right) get to know each other 

These two older girls deserve to live out the rest of their days enjoying one another’s company, free from the cruelty of the past. And with your help that’s exactly what they’ll do.

Thank you for helping to make this beautiful friendship possible.

Thongsuk is a calm elephant and a perfect friend for Jahn.

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