TripAdvisor Inc. profits from cruelty to wild animals.

TripAdvisor Inc. profits from cruelty to wild animals. Sign our petition today to make them stop


The world’s largest travel site is promoting and profiting from the sale of tickets for some of the world’s cruellest wildlife tourist attractions.

Despite our numerous attempts, TripAdvisor seems reluctant to work with us. We need your help to put this to an end.

Demand that TripAdvisor stops promoting and selling tickets to cruel wildlife tourist attractions.

Tigers, lions, elephants, monkeys, turtles: these are just some of the wild animal species suffering in cruel wildlife attractions right now. They are often brutally trained and forced to perform, be ridden, handled and pose just for tourists’ entertainment. TripAdvisor Inc. sells tickets to many of these cruel wildlife venues through their subsidiary company, Viator.

TripAdvisor, owned by TripAdvisor Inc., is the world’s largest travel site. A company of its size has an incredible level of influence – it is simply unacceptable for them to continue to promote and profit from wildlife cruelty.

Earlier this year we released a report based on Oxford University research. 188 wildlife venues featured on TripAdvisor were reviewed, and it was found that 75% of the 24 different types of wildlife attractions inflict cruelty on the wild animals involved. Our further investigations show that Viator, the company TripAdvisor Inc. acquired in 2014, sells tickets to a number of these venues.

Celebrate venues that protect wild animals instead

We want a world without animal cruelty, but TripAdvisor’s actions are a barrier to progress.

In addition to selling tickets, TripAdvisor ranks and rewards cruel wildlife venues through their Popular Index and Certificate of Excellence, boosting their presence on TripAdvisor’s website and encouraging tourists to go to these cruel places, perpetuating the sad cycle of abuse.

We propose that TripAdvisor rewards positive venues that protect wild animals with a WildlifeLeaders title. Much like their GreenLeaders badge programme that helps tourists choose eco-friendly accommodation, the WildlifeLeaders badge would help tourists to avoid animal cruelty and encourage businesses to implement better welfare for animals.

As the world’s largest travel site, they could help end wildlife suffering, but contributes to it instead.

Take action: sign our petition

Together we can make TripAdvisor stops profiting from the cruellest wildlife tourist attractions and instead help protect them. Sign our petition today.

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