Rescued seal released back into wild

Rescued seal released back into wild


Earlier this year, our partners Marine Mammals of Maine (MMoME) received a call about a seal laying on a private dock in Southport, Maine, USA.

The owner of the dock told MMoME that the seal was entangled in netting and was in need of help.

MMoME quickly dispatched a volunteer to the area who was able to collect the seal and transport him to the triage centre.

The seal had monofilament fishing gear wrapped around his neck. It was cutting deeply into him and the wound had become infected. After running some tests, his bloodwork showed a significant level of dehydration and an upper respiratory infection.

A seal being released into the ocean again after months of rehabilitation.

The MMoME veterinarian was able to remove the line and the seal was placed on a treatment plan which included antibiotics, IV fluid therapy, nutrition, and wound care. His road to recovery and eventual release had begun.

After a few days at the MMoME triage center, he was strong enough to make the trip to Mystic Aquarium for the remainder of his rehabilitation.

The team at the Mystic Aquarium named him Copper, and after four months in rehabilitation, he was ready to go home!

A scared looking seal receiving treatment for his injuries.

The successful rescue, rehab, and release of Copper is an example of the wonderful work that animal rescue groups like Marine Mammals of Maine do each and every day.

But our oceans are still a dangerous place for seals like Copper and other marine animals due to the constant threat of entanglement from ghost fishing gear.

Lost and abandoned (ghost) gear, like the monofilament line that injured Copper, causes harm, suffering, and death to thousands whales, sharks, seals, turtles and birds each year.

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