Protecting leatherback turtles from ghost gear

Protecting leatherback turtles from ghost gear


The Western Pacific population of leatherbacks has decreased 80% in just the last three generations, and is now listed as critically endangered.

We recently shared the story of Fiona, the leatherback turtle made entirely from recycled ghost gear. You can read about her full journey here. 

We're moving the world to protect endangered leatherback turtles from the hidden menace of ghost gear. 

Helping Leatherback turtles

Alongside partners in our Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI), we advocate for best practices to be implemented in the management of fishing gear.

In July 2018, we successfully lobbied the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation to adopt guidelines for fishing gear to be ID tagged. This enables gear to be traced back to its source, more easily recovered and is an important tool in combatting illegal fishing.

This is a great win for animals like leatherbacks who get entangled in ghost gear. We’re grateful for the support of our GGGI partners in making this happen. 

Getting the industry involved

Thai Union, one of the world’s largest fishing companies, joined the GGGI in 2017. The decision to join the initiative reflects the company’s commitment to combat this issue, and it’s leading by example for hundreds of other global brands who have a duty to address it. Its offices are a fitting pit stop after the first leg of Fiona’s epic journey.

It’s only with the cooperation and collaboration of fishing companies, such as Thai Union, other private enterprises and governments, that we will be able to make the Western Pacific leatherbacks’ migration safe for future generations.

We hope Fiona’s message reaches enough people, before the world loses this magnificent ocean giant.

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We're moving the world to protect endangered leatherback turtles

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