Mushroom chicken wings on yellow background.

Plant-based mushroom “chicken wing” recipe


Our plant-based chicken wings recipe will have you drooling. You won't believe it’s a mushroom.


1 cup flour

1 cup water

Oyster mushrooms

½ cup flour

½ cup cornflakes (crushed)

1 tablespoon smoked paprika

1 tablespoon chicken salt or all-purpose seasoning

Oil (approximately 500mL of high heat cooking oil.



  1. Add the flour, water and chicken salt or seasoning to a bowl, and whisk together until it’s a smooth batter. If it’s really lumpy, place a seive over a bowl, and pour the batter through it, pressing out any lumps with the back of a spoon.
  2. Add the oyster mushrooms to the bowl, and using a wooden spoon or slotted metal spoon, coat them      evenly with the batter mixture.
  3. In a separate dish, add the second measure of flour, crushed cornflakes, smoked paprika and seasoningand stir to combine evenly.
  4. Using a slotted spoon or a fork, lift the mushroom from the batter mixture and let the excess batter drip off, then dredge each battered mushroom through the dry mixture until it’s evenly coated. Set the dredged mushroom aside on a plate.
  5. When you’ve dredged all the mushrooms, pour the oil into a frying pan and bring it up to heat. You can test if the oil is hot enough by dropping in a teaspoonful of batter - if it holds its shape, it’s hold enough. Don’t step away from the stove while you have the oil on the heat.
  6. Shallow fry the mushrooms in hot oiluntil golden brown.
  7. Remove mushrooms using a clean slotted spoon, and drain on paper towels for a minute or two.
  8. Serve the mushrooms on a wooden chopping board, with your choice of dipping sauce.
  9. Enjoy!

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