Over half a million people demand KFC does better for chickens

Over half a million people demand KFC does better for chickens


More than 500,000 people from 10 countries have signed our petition calling on KFC to give its chickens a life worth living. We’re in Louisville, Kentucky showing the company how powerful our voices are.

Forget the slogans, forget the jingles and forget the clever advertising – the reality for chickens served up by KFC is a life of suffering.  

Watch the team hand the petition directly to the KFC headquarters

Handing in the petition

Our Change for Chickens campaign and petition, aimed at persuading the fast food giant to use more humane practices in their chicken farms, amassed more than 500,000 signatures from all over the world. 

We delivered the petition on 16 October – World Food Day – to the company’s HQ in Louisville, Kentucky, where the very first KFC restaurant opened in 1940. We're delighted that KFC accepted the petition.

We met with its parent company, Yum! Brands, last week, and representatives said they were passionate about animal welfare and that they're looking forward to working with us.

We'll continue this constructive conversation with KFC, and will ensure that any of its commitments make a truly positive difference for chickens.

It's thanks to half a million of you that we were able to open up this positive line of communication with KFC. Thank you! We look forward to keeping you updated and involved in 2019.

The horrors of factory farmed chicken

KFC sources chickens from factory farms – cramped, barren warehouses, often devoid of natural light. 

Most chickens are grown unnaturally fast, slaughtered at just 40 days, when they are still effectively babies.  

This industrial, unnatural approach to farming places huge pressure on chickens’ organs and legs. Many chickens live their entire lives in chronic pain, suffering from skin lesions, lameness and heart failure. 

That’s why, with the support of hundreds of thousands, we’re calling on the fast food chain to end the cruelty that chickens face on factory farms. 

What we're asking for

We’re urging KFC to commit to using chickens who are raised at a slower, more natural rate, and to source from farms that provide more space, light and a stimulating environment. This will ensure that the animals are healthier, happier and more active. 

KFC is yet to make a progressive commitment on chicken welfare and has resisted the call for change. At the same time, companies including Burger King, Subway and Starbucks have publicly promised to improve the lives of chickens in the United States at least. 

A life of misery

Our head of campaign Jonty Whittleton says: “Chickens are the main ingredient in KFC’s global multi-billion-dollar business, yet they are being deprived of their most basic needs and subjected to a life of misery and pain. 

“A groundswell of consumers agrees with us – enough is enough. 

“We will continue to engage with KFC and other companies to see an end to this heart-breaking cruelty. Our supporters are right behind us, every step of the way.” 

Join our movement

The petition is now closed, but you can still help create change for chickens. Your generous gift could help improve the lives of billions pf chickens around the world. 


People like you will not stand by while billions of chickens are suffering. Unnecessary cruelty shouldn’t be fast food’s main ingredient. Companies like KFC must change their ways.

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