New enclosure a blessing for BLES

New enclosure a blessing for BLES


Meet the Gossip Girls – a group of three female elephants who spend most of their time together.

With its banana plantations, grasslands, open fields, fresh water rivers and varieties of fruit trees, BLES has the perfect terrain for these gentle giants to roam, wander, graze and socialise as they would in the wild. During the day, their mahouts follow them wherever they go and stop them from wandering onto privately owned land.

At night, however, the mahouts must go home to their families. If an elephant wanders onto private land and destroys a farmer’s crops, the farmer would not hesitate to shoot or poison the animal. That’s why, with your support, World Animal Protection built a five acre night-time enclosure. Elephants, along with their mahouts, are at the mercy of a huge tourism market marred with unregulated working hours and insufficient animal welfare regulations. There is not enough regulation in Thailand to protect elephants and other wild animals from being overworked and exploited in captivity.

Thanks to you, World Animal Protection is working with governments, travel companies and venue owners to move venues to offer humane care and responsible viewing of elephants in wild or semi-wild habitats, instead of rides or shows. Nearly 190 travel companies have already taken our elephant friendly pledge to stop selling tickets to elephant rides and shows.

Sign our pledge today and don't get taken for a ride.

Elephants who have suffered in captivity can find a safe home here wandering through the lush green forest, eating what they want, and expressing natural behaviour.

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