Moving supermarkets to Raise Pigs Right

Moving supermarkets to Raise Pigs Right


Pigs are some of the most intensively farmed animals on the planet. With your support, we're working to improve the lives of millions of mother pigs around the world.

As part of World Animal Protection’s global pigs work in April, we launched a petition demanding big-name supermarkets, here and around the world, make a promise to sell pork from pigs that have been raised right. That is, not from countries that keep mother pigs in sow stalls for their entire pregnancy or from New Zealand producers that use farrowing crates; a cage is a cage.

Almost 5,000 people signed our petition. 92% of people in NZ believe it’s important that pigs are reared in conditions with high welfare standards. With your help, we’re working with global producers to develop higher welfare systems, enabling pigs to be kept out of cages and in social groups. 


Making progress for pigs around the world

By 2020, we aim to be improving the lives of 175 million pigs every year, by alleviating the most intense suffering inflicted in the production system through close confinement and barren environments. 

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