Undercover investigators attended events like fairs where bear-baiting takes place, to help save animals like Bhoori, pictured above, who now lives in a bear sanctuary in Pakistan

Meet our undercover team working on the frontline to protect animals


No two days are the same for World Animal Protection’s Investigations and Intelligence team. Their vital, often covert work, builds the foundations for many of our global actions to protect animals.

With your support, the team expose some of the worst animal cruelty and exploitation occurring around the world. They work undercover to gather intelligence and information to help protect animals. Their work is so secret we can't even reveal their names. 

Made up of six passionate professionals, many of whom are ex investigative journalists, the investigators can be working on over 15 cases at any one time, sometimes over the course of many months. Thanks to your support, they have so far completed over 50 successful cases - helping to make a huge difference for animals. 

“We know how vital it is to capture information that is as accurate as possible. We must gather evidence discreetly from ‘everyday’ situations - if that means blending in with the crowd and acting like what we are seeing is perfectly normal, then that is what we do” – World Animal Protection Investigator

Successful past investigations include exposing the cruelty experienced by caged civets, investigating the barbaric tradition of bear baiting in Pakistan, and uncovering the global issue of wildlife trafficking. 

Recently, one of the team investigated popular animal tourist attractions in Thailand to reveal the true scale of suffering endured by elephants and tigers used in tourist entertainment. 

"Although it is incredibly difficult to see the fear in the eyes of all these animals, we still have to document what we find, so that we can use this evidence to show governments the scale and seriousness of the problem."

It’s all in a days’ work for this hard working team. With your support, they are revealing the truth to help protect animals around the world.

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