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Meet 5 animals you’ve helped this year


In a year like no other, you have been there for animals when they needed you most. Thank you for your ongoing kindness and support.

We’d like you to meet some of the thousands of animals whose lives you’ve changed for the better.

Kat the wombat

“Gordo” in Costa Rica  

Meet eight-month-old Gordo. Thanks to you, this playful pup didn’t go hungry during the country’s coronavirus lockdown. Gordo and his owner were so excited to receive pet food that your support made possible. 

World Animal Protection’s Animals in Communities team member Melania Gamboa said: 

“The economic crisis caused many people to be fired from their jobs, creating more economic vulnerability for families and their pets. We worked with authorities to deliver bags of pet food to owners who really needed it.”

All up, you helped deliver much-needed food to 1,400 animals. Thank you. 

Kat the wombat

“Dhan” in India  

You helped set up a mobile vet clinic when severe floods devastated communities in India. Dahn, a nine-month-old goat (pictured above), was brought to a clinic by his elderly owner Khargeswar. He was worried that Dahn couldn’t eat and was having trouble standing. But, thanks to you, vets diagnosed that little Dahn had anaemia and gave him lifesaving treatment.

Khargeswar was so relieved as Dahn’s death would have caused enormous hardship to him and his disabled wife. They depend entirely on their few farm animals for their living. This is a perfect example of how critical your help can be. In total, the vet clinic you helped set up saved around 20,000 farm animals.

Kat the wombat

(Credit: AMP)

“Roxana” in Romania

You helped rescue Roxana from a lift of cruelty in a zoo. With your support, she’s now recovering from 13 years of suffering at our partner sanctuary Libearty. When she arrived, Roxana was nervous and traumatised by her captivity in a tiny pen and from constant attacks from other bears. But this year, she’s really come out of her shell.  

AMP vice president Paula Ciatlos said:

“Roxana’s slowly gaining confidence, not pacing in circles so much, or banging her head against the fence,”  

Due to coronavirus, the sanctuary had to close to visitors, losing its main income source. And now the harsh Romanian winter is approaching and more food is needed as the bears prepare to hibernate. Thank you for supporting World Animal Protection so that Roxana and the other 106 bears at Libearty continue to receive the best of care.  

Kat the wombat

(Credit: Tree Tops)

“Nam Sook” in Thailand

This is seven-year-old Nam Sook. With your help, she’s getting the special diet and care she needs to help her cope with health problems caused by her former harsh life in the logging industry. After the coronavirus pandemic halted tourism in Thailand, the owners of the Tree Tops elephant venue found it hard to afford food for their elephants or pay their handlers (mahouts). You gave them that vital support.

Nam Sook is just one of seven elephants you’re helping to feed at 12 high-welfare elephant venues. 

Kat the wombat

“Kal” in Australia 

How about this handsome boy? Kal is a young orphaned wombat who survived the Australian bushfires thanks to you. Your support helped build four wildlife triage centres and a wildlife rehab facility in New South Wales. When Kal first arrived, he had a nasty abscess near his eye. And that’s where you came in. After undergoing vital treatment he’s now healed and will be released back into the wild when he’s old enough. 

You’ll be pleased to know that Kal was just one of the many wombats, wallabies, kangaroos and other Aussie animals you helped after the bushfires. 

On behalf of these and other vulnerable animals around the world, thank you for being there during this tough year. 

Whether it was due to the impact of the coronavirus, the cruelty of the wildlife trade or the effects of natural disasters, you stepped up and made a difference to animals everywhere.

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