Participants at the Parliamentary Picnic event

Making waves to save Māui and Hector’s dolphins


Your voice has been heard with a “Parliamentary Picnic” held ahead of a decision on the government’s Threat Management Plan (TMP).

A group gathered on the lawn in front of Parliament House to serve up “dolphin and chips” – a creative twist on the traditional fish and chips.

Soft toy dolphins were given as gifts and the lunch was wrapped in newspaper printed with key points from our submission to the TMP.

The “dolphin and chips” theme was chosen to highlight the plight of Māui and Hector’s dolphins caught in fishing nets each year.

According to the Department of Conservation’s Māui and Hector’s dolphin Incident Database, where the cause of death can be established, around 90% of deaths are from set and trawl net entanglement.

Ministers were invited to attend the picnic event, however, only a few, including Gareth Hughes MP from the Greens Party and Ruth Dyson from the Labour Party, turned out to show their support.

Christine Rose, Campaign Advisor for World Animal Protection said:

“Time is running out for our endemic Māui and Hector’s dolphins. The lacklustre response from our Ministers today shows that more urgency is needed from the government to ensure these creatures aren’t driven to extinction.

“We’re calling on Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to listen to the public and take action now to save our dolphins for tomorrow.”


Parliaments protest

Image Credit: Brady Dyer Photography

More than two dozen national and international organisations have joined our call for the government to come clean on the economic assumptions underpinning the TMP.

The groups are concerned about the government’s refusal to address flaws in the economic modelling and to make publicly available additional advice from the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research about that modelling.

“The TMP will be a test of New Zealand’s serious intent to truly save Māui and Hector’s dolphins. Future generations will judge this Government on its actions. So far, the use of less-than-robust science and economics, and arrogant and secretive withholding of information does not bode well.” – Christine Rose, Campaign Advisor, World Animal Protection

A decision on the Māui and Hector’s dolphin Threat Management Plan is due in coming weeks.

(Header Image Credit: Brady Dyer Photography)

“We’re calling on Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to listen to the public and take action now to save our dolphins for tomorrow.

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