In August 2018 World Animal Protection was in Makueni County, Kenya to oversee a small rabies vaccination drive being carried out in the area.

You can make a New Year’s resolution for animals


Animals can’t make New Year’s resolutions to transform their own lives but you can help stop their suffering.

Every year, billions of animals worldwide suffer needlessly. Chickens are factory farmed in appalling conditions, stray dogs are culled in misguided attempts to tackle rabies, and elephants are beaten so they will take tourists for rides.

Here are four great ways you can help us make a difference for animals in 2024:

1. Don’t support entertainment that harms wildlife

Your choices on holiday have the power to reduce demand for cruel attractions and save animal lives. Each year, over 500,000 wild animals like elephants, dolphins and tigers are trapped, confined and forced to live and behave unnaturally to entertain tourists. Pledge to be an animal-friendly traveller and help end this cycle of cruelty. You’ll be demonstrating to travel companies and tour operators that there is demand for animal-friendly venues.

Elephant chains

​2. Volunteer for animals

Meet like-minded people, do something different and help create a world where animals live without suffering. You don’t need any experience to take part, just lots of energy and enthusiasm! The volunteering could consist of: beach cleans, helping at festivals, and other fun activities. Volunteer to join us today.


3. Eat less meat and more plant protein. 

Eating more plant protein is better for farm animals, the planet and our health. A more responsible approach to eating meat can make a huge difference to your life and the lives of billions of factory-farmed animals. Start the new year by taking on the Plant Protein Challenge today. 

Plant protein

4. Help us protect more animals in need

In 2023, you helped change the way the world works to protect animals in Aotearoa and around the world. You could help us achieve even more by pledging a monthly gift. Your donation could help save animals affected by natural disasters or support change for animals trapped in the wildlife tourism industry, or fund ground-breaking investigations and research that exposes animal suffering. 


Thank you for your continuing support that is helping to protect countless animals around the world.

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