A lion looks through a fence at a facility in South Africa.

Lions are Wildlife. Not Entertainers.


Wild animals are enduring lifelong misery for tourist entertainment. Join our movement to keep wild animals where they belong, in the wild.

In the wake of the cruel and inhumane killing of Cecil the lion, the spotlight has been focused on the use of wild animals in entertainment.

This brutal incident was not a one-off. All over the world wild animals face a harrowing existence in the wildlife entertainment industry. The time has come to put an end to this.

Wild animals belong in the wild

We’re dedicated to keeping wild animals in the wild – where they belong. Starting from today, World Lion Day, we are building a movement to protect wild animals with our new campaign, Wildlife - not entertainers. Wild animals face cruelty on a daily basis in the tourist entertainment industry.

Around the world, wild animals are taken from their natural habitats and bred in captivity to prop up this cruel industry. They suffer throughout their whole lives.

A lifetime of suffering

Seeing wildlife on holiday should be a once-in-a-lifetime experience to share with friends. But behind the scenes, animals endure lifelong misery in attractions such as lion parks, elephant riding attractions and tiger venues.

The animals are taken from their mothers at a young age and forced to endure gruelling and intensive training. They live their whole lives in barren captive conditions that cannot meet their needs. For some species like lions, if they get to experience the wild at all, it ends in being shot in cold blood by a hunter.

Reducing the demand  

We know that tourists visit wildlife attractions because they love animals, but many are unaware of the harsh reality they face. By stopping the demand for these popular attractions, we can end the relentless despair faced by wild animals.

We’ll be working with governments, wildlife venues, and the wider tourism industry to change the animal entertainment industry for good. By uniting as a global movement to protect wild animals, we can make a difference.

Wild animals face cruelty on a daily basis in the tourist entertainment industry. You can help end this.

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