Keep travel companies honest for elephants

Keep travel companies honest for elephants


Thousands of elephants used as entertainers face endless abuse every day. With your support we are showing the travel industry there is a different way, a better way for elephants.

By raising awareness about the hidden cruelty behind elephant rides and shows, we are helping people make informed choices and putting pressure on the travel industry to change for the better.

An amazing 24,000 people across Australia and New Zealand signed our pledge not to pay for elephant rides and shows.  In addition, 500,000 people from all over the world signed our petition asking TripAdvisor to stop selling tickets to cruel wildlife attractions.

The good news is that the elephant friendly movement is growing with nearly 190 global travel companies committing to stop selling tickets to elephant rides and shows.

Promotions for elephant rides and shows should by now have been removed from all of their websites. This is great progress, but we want to make sure that they don’t slip back into selling elephant rides and shows. 

So, on behalf of the elephants, we’re asking for your help. If you see any of the travel companies promoting elephant rides and shows you can; 

  • Use their social media to ask why they are still promoting abusive elephant rides and show
  • Call or email their contact centre to ask why they are still promoting abusive elephant rides and shows
  • Let our Wildlife team know what you see 
  • If the company you use to travel isn’t listed then ask them why they haven’t taken the pledge?

We continue to meet with travel companies and tour operators to ensure that elephant welfare is adopted.  We also working to find long-lasting solutions for elephants currently in captivity.

Together we’re moving the world for elephants to remain in the wild – where they belong.

On behalf of the elephants, we're asking for your help.

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