Reuzenmiereneter struint door afgebrand gebied

How you’re helping wild animals in the Brazilian wildfires


As blazing fires spread through large parts of the Brazilian regions of Cerrado and Pantanal, they destroy everything in their path. Devastatingly burning the wild animals that live there or starving the survivors. Many animal species, including the jaguar and the giant anteater, are already critically endangered.

Countless animals are currently dying from the horrific forest fires that rage in Brazil. Large parts of the habitat of these wild animals are disappearing at a horrifying and unprecedented rate. Already 82% of the vast Encontro das Aguas National Park – home to one of the world's largest jaguar populations – has burned down.

Iconische jaguar wordt bedreigd door de Braziliaanse vlammenzee

Thanks to our supporters, we are committed to saving animals and preventing future fires.

This emergency is man-made: many of the fires were started deliberately to clear land for the livestock industry and animal feed. 

The global livestock industry is the single largest cause of wildlife habitat destruction in the world. In 50 years, the human population has more than doubled, increasing the demand for animal products. The land area destined for the production of animal feed, such as soy, has more than quadrupled.

As a result, it is not only the billions of livestock that live in the livestock industry worldwide that suffer. The livestock industry also causes the destruction of forests, the disappearance of wild habitats for wildlife, the poisoning of rivers and land from pesticide use, the risk of zoonoses and catastrophic climate change. It is a global problem that affects all of us.

With your support, we’re working with local partners to save and treat the wildlife in the fire areas. We’re feeding them, and transporting them to mobile emergency clinics to heal their wounds and will release them back to the wild when they are healed.

Can you help save Brazil's wild animals from fires and stop the factory farming industry from doing this again? You can donate now to help animals in distress.

With your support, we’ll continue to stand up to the livestock industry. And we are committed to protecting existing wildlife habitats so that no new land can be made available for growing livestock feed. 

Together, we can protect animals from cruelty and suffering.    

This emergency is man-made: many of the fires were started deliberately to clear land for the livestock industry and animal feed.

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