Highlights you helped make possible in 2016

Highlights you helped make possible in 2016


In 2016, there were many wins for animals because of your support.

Around the world, we saved animals in disasters, protected dogs in communities and worked to end the cruelty experienced by wild animals in entertainment. None of this would have been possible without you. 

Animals in the Wild

In the most notable achievement, the largest travel website, TripAdvisor, will no longer selling tickets for attractions where tourists come in direct contact with captive wild animals.

 It’s because of you more than 558,000 people signed our petition to urge TripAdvisor to stop profiting from cruel wildlife attractions.

In addition, more than 160 travel companies have agreed to no longer offer tours to venues that offer elephant rides or use elephants for entertainment shows.

First Travel Group, which includes all YOU Travel stores, will no longer promote or sell tickets to elephant rides and shows or tiger tourism venues; where tourists can take the likes of ‘tiger selfies’ or watch tigers perform.

Instead, the Group has stated a commitment to ensure its 69 stores across New Zealand can help their customers see wild animals in the wild, where they belong. 

Animals in Disasters

Your support powered a global network of disaster response teams who were save 658,000 animals from disaster.

By working with local partners, we provided emergency veterinary treatment, distribute food, evacuate animals from danger, and reunite animals with owners.

Last year saw major animal relief operations in Costa Rica, Mongolia, Haiti, the Philippines, Thailand, and many other countries that were struck by natural disasters.

Animals in Communities

Thanks to your passion for dogs in need, our global campaign to create better lives for dogs has been a resounding success.

More than one million rabies vaccinations were administered by the end of the year, since our vaccination program launched in 2011 - saving dogs in Zanzibar, Kenya and, most recently, Sierra Leone, from a brutal and needless death.

Animals in Farming

More than 200,000 people around the world put pressure on KFC to provide millions of chickens with better lives, including more space, enriched environments and natural light.

Thank you for your continuing support is helping to protect countless animals around the world. 

Thank you for your continuing support is helping to protect countless animals around the world.