Elephants at Sappraiwan elephant sanctuary

You're helping feed elephants in Sappraiwan Elephant Sanctuary


With your support, six elephants have tummies full of nutritious food in this ethical elephant sanctuary in Thailand. Check out a cute video of them relishing the Napier grass you helped grow.

Sappraiwan Elephant Sanctuary & Resort is a safe haven for six beautiful elephants some of whom were exploited in Thailand’s tourism industry. The sanctuary faced devastating losses as it had to close its doors to visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But thanks to your compassionate support, Sappraiwan was able to launch the ‘Bananas for Elephants’ project and build new banana plantations that will grow a rich supply of nutritious elephant food, keeping the sanctuary’s elephants healthy and happy.

This sweet video shows just two of the six elephants recently enjoying the Napier grass you helped grow.

Ben Pearson, Country Director

Ben Pearson, Country Director, World Animal Protection ANZ

Thank you for the generous support you give our organisation which allows us to do good work for elephants.

Sappraiwan Elephant Sanctuary is transitioning to a high welfare venue, and you are helping us support them. We’ve already had success in transitioning other venues such as ChangChill, a beautiful place where elephants are allowed to be elephants instead of being ridden, bathed, or washed.

With your generous ongoing support, we can continue to help develop venues like this and prove the business model of being elephant-friendly actually works and create a better world for animals.

Elephants at Sappraiwan elephant sanctuary

The elephants are often seen enjoying their delicious snacks in the peaceful forests of Sappraiwan, far away from the abuse they suffered in their earlier lives. Now, they will always have a secure source of their favourite foods and it’s all thanks to you.

Thank you for giving these magnificent elephants delicious and healthy food for years to come.

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