Christine Rose at TMP Submission event for Hector and Maui dolphins

Meet Four Inspiring Female Animal Protectors


Looking for some strong women to inspire you this International Women’s Day? Look no further than these four leading animal protectors. These women have courage and compassion in spades and are committed to moving the world to protect animals.

Christine Rose

Christine is a Campaign Advisor in Aotearoa New Zealand, working on farming and wildlife campaigns in particular. An ocean lover on an island nation, Christine is especially inspired by cetaceans. Her background is in politics and philosophy and is moved by ethical imperatives to reduce animal suffering.

She shares her life with a ‘house and garden’ white free-range rabbit, ‘Duggie’, who is a constant reminder of the character, agency, individuality and umwelt of every animal. She channels her love of life into writing, art, community development, behaviour change programmes, advocacy and activism.

Kelly Dent

As Director of External Engagement at World Animal Protection, Kelly leads the political and corporate influencing work. She uses advocacy to influence governments and business to improve the lives of billions of animals.

Kelly has 25 years’ experience championing change for animals, people and the planet, and has worked on climate action, human rights and development. She has lived and worked in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Hong Kong and the Netherlands.

She is currently leading an ambitious project called the Animal Protection Index (API) that ranks 50 countries according to their animal welfare policies and legislation.

In her spare time Kelly enjoys recharging at her brothers off-grid property that teems with wildlife, yoga and watercolour painting.

Emily Mudoga

Emily is the Campaign Manager for World Animal Protection’s Better Lives for Dogs program in Africa. Her passion for animals and empathy for people makes her vital in the work to end the inhumane culling of dogs in Africa. She has an infectious laugh and over 18 years veterinary and program management experience.

She has travelled the world, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Nairobi in Kenya, and a Master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Melbourne, Australia. Emily was instrumental in vaccinating over 1 million dogs against the deadly rabies virus. Her passion for helping mans’ (and woman’s) best friend continues to inspire those around her.

Kate Blaszak

With a background in veterinary science, Kate Blaszak provides technical support for World Animal Protection’s farming work around the world. She has more than 15 years’ animal welfare advocacy and technical experience. Her technical expertise is vital to improve the lives of farm animals around the world. It helps ensure World Animal Protection’s campaigns are realistic and impactful.

Previously, Kate has worked on developing comprehensive animal welfare policies and has worked to include animal welfare in veterinary education across Asia. Kate has also provided advice for campaigns to improve the lives of dogs and working donkeys.

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