Ending the wave of suffering caused by ‘ghost gear’

Ending the wave of suffering caused by ‘ghost gear’


Beneath the ocean’s surface lies a deep problem known as ‘ghost gear’ – fishing nets, hooks and lines lost and discarded in our seas, and maiming and killing thousands of marine animals and birds every year.

Together we are making waves, and moving forward to protect our oceans and marine life.

With your support, our Sea Change campaign is working to reduce the suffering caused by ghost gear, and is aiming to save one million sea animals by 2018.

To help achieve this, in September, we brought together 75 representatives, from the fishing industry, scientific community and global organisations and institutions, to launch the Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI) - the first initiative tackling the problem of ghost gear at a global scale

The GGGI unites those with the knowledge and power to create a sea change for animals: coming together with a common goal, to reduce the 64,000 tonnes of lost fishing gear blighting our oceans, and to end the immeasurable suffering it causes to marine life.

Following the GGGI meeting in London; we’ve joined a dedicated steering group, which includes organisations like Young’s Seafood UK, Ghost Nets Australia and Australia’s Northern Prawn Fishery Industry Pty Ltd – to steer a course towards protecting sea life.

Nicola Beynon, Head of Campaigns for World Animal Protection Australia and New Zealand said:

“The expertise and influence the GGGI has is a powerful step towards ridding our oceans of dangerous ghost gear.”

We could not have achieved this ground breaking initiative without you; but there is so much more that needs to be done to protect our seas. 

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