Either way the winner of the election could be greyhounds


Greyhounds look set to win at the election over the weekend as the leaders of both Labour and National parties pledged to ban greyhound racing.

Thanks to the thousands of passionate people and all the animal groups who have brought the barbaric “sport” of greyhound racing one step closer to ending. This incredible occasion wouldn’t have been possible without you.

Ben Pearson, Country Director Aotearoa New Zealand for World Animal Protection said:

Forcing greyhounds into horrific situations for the amusement of humans is inhumane and causes needless suffering to the animals involved. People expect better and greyhounds deserve better and together we’re one step closer to ending the exploitation of animals for entertainment. Forever.

The public commitments come months after the release of a report by the Racing Integrity Board which found the greyhound racing industry was unviable in its current form.

Animals who are involved in cruel sports such as greyhound racing and horse racing are used and abused to entertain humans. These sentient animals are exposed to significant risk of injury and trauma.

Then, when they stop being competitive in races, many of these animals are euthanised, sent to slaughterhouses or carelessly killed.

You can help give these animals a life worth living by choosing to never attend or support such barbaric activities like greyhound racing in the name of sports.

Together, we’ll keep up the pressure to make these pledges a reality.

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Animals in sport

Using animals in sports often involves causing intentional harm and inflicting violence on these sentient beings.

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