Almond milk and almonds.

Easy Substitutes for Animal-Based Foods


Swap out animal products with these flavourful easy to prepare plant-based foods.

Do you want to reduce the amount of meat you eat, but need help figuring out some easy plant-based substitutes for animal-based foods? We’ve got you covered. Eating plant-based is simple, affordable, and can be really tasty.Research shows that a plant-based diet can help to prevent heart disease, diabetes, and assists with weight loss. Whatever your reason is for choosing animal product substitutes, check out these 5 easy swaps below. 


Looking for a substitute for chicken? Tofu is a great choice. Tofu is a good source of protein. Containing all nine essential amino acids tofu is a healthy source of iron, calcium, manganese and phosphorous. It’s versatile: use tofu to create home-made ‘chicken nuggets’ or vegan fried chicken for kids, friends and family. Tofu is available in different forms, from soft to extra-firm depending on what recipe you’re making. Tofu can be used as an egg substitute in quiches and scramblesThe options are endless.


Mushrooms are popular as a meat alternative because of their dense, meaty texture when cooked. From portobello, shiitake, white or brown button to porcini: all mushrooms are great options for making burgers, tacos, and ‘mushroom steaks’. Mushrooms contain selenium, a rich antioxidant which helps to boost the immune system and protect the body from aging.


Jackfruit is a large, green and spiky fruit that comes from southern India and the rainforests of Malaysia. It has a stringy consistency, making it a great substitute for shredded chicken and pulled pork. As for taste, it’s similar to pineapple when eaten raw, and neutral when cooked, so you can easily marinate it in whichever flavours you choose. The health benefits of eating jackfruit include high doses of Vitamins A and C, potassium, and fibre.


Made from wheat gluten, seitan is a hearty source of protein. A delicious substitute for meat. With a savoury taste and versatile texture, seitan is usually pre-packaged (although it’s easy to make your own) and is a low-cost alternative for creating dishes such as BBQ seitan skewers.

Almond milk

Known for being low in calories and full of nutrients, almond milk is an excellent alternative to dairy milk. It’s low in sugar and high in Vitamin E. It’s easy to make your own almond milk at home using two ingredients and a blender. Almond milk can be used in smoothies, on your breakfast cereal and porridge.

Eating plant-based has never been easier. We encourage you to continue to try out new foods and recipes, and share them with us using #PlantProteinChallenge

Image thanks to dhanya purohit on Unsplash

Eating plant-based is simple, affordable, and just plain tasty. Research even shows that a plant-based diet can help with heart disease, diabetes, and weight loss.