Pictured: Two rescued elephants at Following Giants

Dusit commits to responsible tourism


Dusit, one of Thailand’s leading hotel and property development companies, has partnered with World Animal Protection to create new animal guidelines and policies.


The animal policy will help to limit the impact of Dusit’s operations on natural habitats by promoting responsible wildlife tourism in each of its destinations.

Thanks to your support, we’ll continue working with travel companies, tour operators and hotel chains to become wildlife friendly.

Dusit ceo

Suphajee Suthumpun, Group Chief Executive Officer, Dusit International and Nui Roatchana, Country Director, World Animal Protection.

Nui Roatchana, Country Director, Thailand for World Animal Protection said this could be a flagship move for other hotel chains.  

“Together, we’re helping to stop wild animals from being cruelly exploited as commodities by changing the systems that allow it.”

By offering eco-friendly, community-based activities like trips to elephant conservation centres and mindful trekking amongst nature, Dusit hopes to provide its guests with authentic, localised experiences.  It will empower its employees and customers to be wildlife-friendly travellers and advocates.

Their group’s portfolio of hotels, resorts and luxury villas includes more than 300 properties across 16 countries worldwide. 

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