How to be an animal-friendly traveller

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Elephants are the world’s largest land animals. But they’re so much more.

They are intelligent, emotionally complex, highly empathetic, and socially sophisticated creatures. They can even recognise themselves in a mirror!

Select from four high quality elephant images: two horizontal versions for desktop and two vertical versions for mobile phone. Choose the one that best reflects your personality. Is it the confident, independent youngster, the mum and baby, the chilled-out bull, or the cheeky “Gossip Girls”? Whichever one you go with, it’s on us. Enjoy!

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Want to move the world to protect elephants? Find out how.

Happy Elephant Valley venue

Elephant facts

Did you know that elephants can live up to 70 years in the wild, however their lifespan in captivity is generally shorter?

Elephant riding with a bullhook at Mason Elephant Park, Bali

End elephant suffering

Call on Mason Elephant Park and Lodge to end the captive breeding of elephants and the cruel interactions for tourist entertainment.

Elephant riding with a bullhook at Bali Zoo

Donate to protect elephants

You can help give elephants the chance to live out their lives in a calm, peaceful environment.

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