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Elephants are highly intelligent, emotionally complex, highly empathetic, and socially sophisticated creatures. They can even recognise themselves in a mirror!

If you love elephants you’ll want to get your hands on these gorgeous high-quality elephant images. There are two to choose from. Perfect as a screen saver for a computer or laptop. Whichever one you go with, it’s on us. Enjoy!

Images for your computer




You can move the world to protect elephants.

How to Help Animals in 2023

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The New Year is a time to make changes. Your small, everyday choices can help animals, so here are our top five resolutions for 2023.

How to be an elephant-friendly tourist

Família de elefantes bebendo água e nadando em uma pequena lagoa

Thousands of elephants around the world are suffering in the name of tourism. Here are some of ways you can be an elephant friendly tourist as the world opens...